Thursday, June 2

Phantom Limb Pain

I wanted to stop by to say that I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth completely. At least, not yet. School ended and we did end up going on a road trip out of state over Memorial Day weekend! Nearly a week without television, cell phone reception, or internet access. Oh, and barely any junk food. After typing that, I'm not quite sure how we survived but overall it was a very fulfilling experience that I am grateful to have had.

I'm trying really hard to take what I've learned and experienced to work on being a better person overall.

I hope to write more about it soon but that's an epic adventure itself and right now I'm coping with forgetting my external hard drive at the house we stayed at. Luckily, a family friend found it and I may have it within a week. :( My WoW, most of my life from the past few years in terms of documents and pictures, and 98% of my digital scrapbooking supplies are on that and needless to say, I'm panicking. I took tons of notes and a few pictures during the trip in hopes of digi-scrapping it as soon as I got home and recovered but alas. All I have looked forward to since was physically recovering because I am no outdoors-woman, murdering tons of bugs that have invaded the house this year (our poor kitty has struggled with eating and drinking because they are trying so hard to eat him and his food), and catching up with house maintenance and chores. The aftermath definitely makes the vacation seem that much sweeter.

I guess I did have enough to talk about and time to write a semi-worthwhile post! Lol. I will see you soon. <3

P.S. My latest YT musical love: Alex Goot, Michael Henry, and Justin Robinett singing a medley of Adele's "Someone Like You", "Rolling in the Deep", & "Turning Tables." Going to YT and looking at the description will give you a link to download the song for free. This has been on loop for me for the past two days. /melt.

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