Tuesday, June 21

Strange & Different Times

*Face Plant*

That is our kitty. We still have no idea how he was able to breathe comfortably after falling asleep in that position. 
Hooray for nostrils to the side of your wet velvety nose?

Why hello there! I am not sure why I've gotten on such a blogging kick again, but I am not questioning it! 

I crocheted a little pouch for my new Medicine Cards and it's almost big enough to fit my guide book too. I'm not sure why I haven't taken a picture of that yet... sigh. Then, I decided to finally learn to make one of the amigurumi critters I've been dying to try. So, I grabbed my blue practice yarn and tried to make a cute little egg creature. And... well. You can meet him!

This is "Gary"!
(Name subject to change)

The faces ideally don't turn out like that but since my egg looks much better as a blue lemon, I tucked in some scraps from my pouch so he could have a bit more personality. He's even stuffed and everything! I'm not quite sure what I did wrong, but practice makes for some pretty funny critters in the meantime. I think I shall keep trying (actually I did make a cute coffee cup but it's currently face and stuff-less at the moment. It came out much better but still a little weird. I hope to have photographic adventures with them doing different things, lol. I don't really know how better to explain that nearly creepy statement. XD

I also decided to do more rearranging with my pepper plants. Yeah, I just can't get enough of them now! They even have their own tab here on my blog, lol. :P With how big some of their leaves are getting now, I was getting worried that staggering the pots would cause them to block each others' sunlight. Also, that off-center little one has been driving me nuts. So, not only did I replant the little one in the center of its pot, but we've talked it over as a household and I'm taking up a bit more space on that side of the dining table now. Plus, I took a few close-up shots of new growth that's happening!

The little one's pot with a hole dug in the center:

The little one is impatiently waiting to go back home.

That tiny upside-down "Y" in the middle of the picture is a hint of the little one's roots.

Sheldon's plant is the third tallest and has not been pinched.

This is its new growth: three small leaves.

This is so far my biggest pepper plant. After pinching off the top, its stem seems to have grown darker, thicker, and straighter.
It didn't start having new growth until yesterday with one tiny bud appearing near where I pinched the plant.
This is the cozy one that has gone a little nuts since being pinched.

Six new little leaves and another one already on its way! This one is definitely getting bushier.

This is their new line up now. I also switched around some of their dishes to it'll hopefully be easier to water them (especially since I do that in smaller quantities but in greater frequency now).
Look at how big they've gotten! All pointed away from the sun for the night.
They'll turn themselves back towards it tomorrow! Lol.
Sheldon the Snail's (unpinched), the straight shot (pinched), the bushiest (pinched), and the little one.

I'm getting closer and closer to naming them but need a fun way to tell them apart first! Lol. To the internet!

:D I'll see you soon! <3

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