Wednesday, June 29

Little Green Bug

The title of this post sounds like a cute little children's book. It probably is.

However, that's not why we're here! I'm still on my green thumb kick and FMIL took me on a quest around town today. This will be pretty picture heavy but looking at those tell a much better story anyways. :D

This is what I got in the past day.
(I'm not affiliated with any of these companies!)
I started off by watering the peat pellets. 
They are floating all over the place here and I tried so hard to tuck them back into their spots.
I filmed a short video because I expected these to explode like the dirt cookies from other stores. Then, I realized that there were cracks on either end because of being warped by the hot desert sun and I almost dropped the camera before everything was sitting in a pool. Darn you!
They mostly expanded. There's a thin net pouch around each to help maintain shape while still encouraging root growth later on.
During the fifteen minutes it took for the pellets to fully expand (I should have used warmer water), I took the tomato plant food stakes and broke them in half. The directions say to use two in each plant, opposite of each other, and about 6-8 inches from the stem.
Well, my pots are barely 6 inches in diameter at the top so... I'm hoping that halving everything will suffice. They can feed my pepper plants for up to 8 weeks according to the packaging. Each have their food in the east and west.
Kitty loves tomatoes. I'm hoping to grow them for him and for FMIL's school salads. I'm a little apprehensive of how many will sprout! There were hardly any seeds in this packet.
Half of the twelve peat pellets have two hybrid tomato seeds in them now. I'm not planting all of my seeds, just in case I really suck at this. :D
Next is the Parsley. I've taken a liking to using parsley with all the pasta I try to cook nowadays. That reminds me that I have a new cookbook on its way to me. I can't wait!

Half of tray has three to four of these straight intense-flavored parsley. I could not believe that even the seeds smell like fresh parsley already!

The left side has parsley and right side has the tomatoes. This could get very interesting in the next couple of months!

This is their new home until we see seedlings. Receiving light but not directly in the corner.

"What on Earth are you doing over here with all these plants?"
He recognizes foliage and went after the dead baby sunflower and Lucy the Lucky Bamboo. What a little spoiled stinker! I'm making some garden decorations, kitty!

They're all snails. FMIL and I went to several places in the past two weeks to try to find more friends for Sheldon but they seem to be sold out everywhere. I took it as a sign to make up my own using the same kabob skewers.

 This first one mimics the original Sheldon, whom I returned to the kind and generous FMIL, who I am a horrible influence on in terms of shopping. This plant's stem is now just over 7.5 inches.

I haven't named them yet, but I'm thinking very hard. I'm running out of ideas with all the cute things that I'm making now. Sigh. This plant's stem is 7.5 inches.

They all have the original Sheldon's bright blue eyes as homage. I actually held the ruler properly this time! This plant's stem is 7 inches tall.

Also facing a wrong way, this is the little one. The plant's stem is about 3.5 inches.

I made a key to avoid using and dirtying up my labels that coordinate with my new garden charms. 
  This has a red swirled with brick red and black shell and a green body mixed with lime green.

  This has a brown shell with a super dark brown and maroon with a pink and magenta body.

 This is a yellow snail shell with teal and a highlighter yellow and the body is aqua with other blues in it.
 This little one has an orange shell swirled with peach and red. The body has various purples with a hint of magenta.

 Lucy the Lucky Bamboo hasn't been doing all that well. She lost one of her little friends and I recently redid her home to something much smaller that would allow for her roots to breathe and be seen.

Look at my little garden corner now! This is after I've added the food, made the new charms, watered everything, and repositioned everyone for the night. The snails are in the south now, in about two days they'll be facing north. The food chunks are in the east and west parts. 

Phew! I think that covers it. It took fifteen minutes to make each snail, roughly ten minutes to bake, spent about ten minutes in the freezer, and a few minutes to wire to the stakes. Such a quick project and I'm so happy that I have been able to collect so many supplies over the years to be able to make so many kinds of things at a whim. I can't wait to show you any progress these guys make in the next couple of weeks!

I really need to go clean up said craft collections... Lol. Another sigh. XD I'll see you soon. <3

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