Wednesday, June 22

The Good/Bad, Ugly, & Cute

Not quite the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.

I wasn't planning to blog today, but then that bad part happened, and then I had to vent about it.

The "Good/Bad" part was my dinner. It was a Bacon, Ham, and Cheese sandwich. It was yummy but I'm sure it took 8 hours off of my life. :D

The "Bad" was what happened when I was halfway through my sandwich. I have my passion fruit juice on a coaster next to me and thought I saw something moving from the corner of my eye...



I went and grabbed Windex and came back to see the little bugger creeping over the lip of my cup to check out my drink, so I sprayed him. The sucker fell into my juice :( and I kept spraying the crap out of him. Grabbed another coaster, covered the top just in case he tried to get out, drowned him, showed my cup to the household, and then the bug and toxic juice down the toilet.

Too. Much. Fun.


To make up for all that grossness, I'm going to show you a few cute pictures!

It made it to 109 today and we let the doggie in for the afternoon,
but this is what she was doing late morning:
being the hot mess that she is.
Classy. Right?

These are the latest three baby birds right outside of our patio door.
There is one in particular that is the favorite
and it likes to step on its siblings. 
They were hot and panting for most of the day and
this was their second day standing up.
Baby birds are pretty ugly imo.

That's the SO's leg but I really wanted you to see kitty.
He was napping and dreaming with his feet tucked under his dad's legs. 
The twitching apparently tickled, lol.
Uh oh, mama-razzi was caught embarrassing her boy.

This is the little crocheted coffee cup I've been talking about!
He looks kind of Asian here, but that's not a good picture of his expression.
If you look pretty closely, that's a shower curtain in the background in lieu of a closet door because space is so valuable in this room and the folding door was eating up a square foot of it.

Somewhat better picture in terms of facial expression! 
It's the face one tends to make after having a cup of coffee goodness.
I assume this because I can't handle that stuff. XD

:D I am pretty proud of this wonky little guy but that's all from me. I'm working hard on digi-scrapping because the printing company I want to use is having a sale on the style I want until Sunday. Gah! Time to embellish 38 pages of stuff. T_T Wish me luck! See you soon. <3

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