Sunday, March 3


I feel good having finished a book for leisure for the first time in way too long. I was the type of kid that got into trouble for reading too much.

Yeah, it sounds dumb but I would become obsessed with my books and not put it down. I'd try to read in the tub, while eating, and walking across the street if I could get away with it. My punishments were more for life preservation purposes.

Again, there's the link to the book on Amazon. It's my dear friend's first published work! I have poured over the manuscript for years but I still did not want to miss a single detail. The notes and discussions we've had trading questions and details back and forth kept replaying in my head. I cannot wait until more people finish it so that I can discuss it with them!

Thursday: Bah, I'm falling behind on taking notes of the mundane things I do from day to day and it's really hard for me to remember lately what I did a few days ago.

All I remember is talking to my brother for a bit that day because it was his birthday and hearing his excitement after he unwrapped my gift to him. It arrived just on time and was perfect. I ended up getting him the Finn's old sword from Adventure Time. He already had the hat and backpack and found a Jake onesie so this is rounding out the costume collection.

That and I ate a lot of hot dogs.

Friday: It was pay day, so the SO picked me up from an exhausting day at school after I started doing some work in the lab about fixing the headset-sound situation before having to shut everything down for networking work that the district wanted to do over the weekend. We did a bit more grocery shopping and then I remember just wanting to sleep or at least rest. As much as I wanted to get back to Project Life, I just caught up on my YouTube subscriptions and hung out.

Oh wait! I did end up reactivating my World of Warcraft account and spent some time getting re-accustomed to the controls. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and has been in the past. I think that's namely because I didn't have anyone waiting for me to show them the ropes after figuring everything out on my own first (while there would be tons of bugs and server maintenance) and I had been playing on the SO's account for a while now.

Saturday: I was feeling pretty under the weather and FMIL and I took a CPR-First Aid refresher course with a co-worker so we could renew our certifications. It's been about two years I think. I took a nap after we got home and eventually talked to my brother again. It was the night of his birthday celebration with friends and it had not gone well.

They were going to keep it low-key and eat at a local Japanese restaurant before heading to my folks' place to hang out but twenty minutes into dinner, they found out that one of the kids' cars had been broken into and their stuff stolen.

It's a well lit and busy area but the driver window had been shattered and the backpacks of three of the kids stolen from the trunk containing an iPad and two laptops. I felt so bad for them, so did my brother and all of their friends. While half of the group dealt with the police, the rest headed to my folks' house and the rest of the evening was pretty subdued. Poor things.

Sunday: Like I said before, I spent today resting and reading. Snuggled with the kitty and everything. In a two weeks, the in laws are coming into town, so I'll be tidying up quite a bit during that time. We also have to plan out a few excursions and I've been championing those ideas since Christmas. I also made more steak tonight and that was quite satisfying. I tried my best not to look at the recipe to see if I had learned anything from earlier this week. The food came out well, my memory was decent.

My goals this week are to finish up April 2012 in Project Life and to at least gather up the majority of my loose papers in preparation of organizing them.

It just felt really good today just putting everything aside and just reading.

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