Tuesday, March 19

Part Deux

Part of me feels that I should have just waited until tomorrow to post these pictures but I said I'd make an extra post to continue my last.

I obviously took slightly more than these when the family came to visit, but I'm sticking with my "not revealing identities" rule and giving you the rest of the stuff. Minus a few super blurry or detail shots that don't mean much without the personal back stories aka good scrapbooking fodder. I would have taken more if 1) my camera was faster (as in lightning speed) or 2) everyone else wasn't snapping pics on their smart phones.

It was kind of weirding me out to be around others who were doing quick snapshots of moments and quirky places. I've gotten used to being the only one that wants to do that kind of thing. Ended up making a FB group for us to share our photos in and make collection easier. My scrapbooks came up and then out during the first night and I think we may throw together a quick little photo book for this trip as well.
 With the folks in from Minnesota, the SO and I keep talking about relocating there and what we'd find so drastically different, like these mountains he grew up seeing.

This is what kitty thought about our emissions testing results. That's my baby boy.

This was a very watermelon color when it first started the night that they arrived at the household for dinner. We kept looking for a comet streaking by but had only briefly seen it the night before.

This was my dinner on Friday night at the hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Shredded beef enchiladas thanks to a craving for meat.

This was where we tried to spend time at on Saturday morning and failed thanks to not checking in ahead and realizing their hours had drastically changed. It was almost the thought that counted.

A very prolific Saguaro cactus that greeted us every time we visited the family at the resort where they stayed. So many arms and so old! I have never seen one this thick up close before.

This is the view from the hotel's on property fancy restaurant. At least, just from our table Saturday evening. It would have been perfect if it hadn't been so windy! We had to secure all of the menus and napkins down before the flew off into the ponds.

The lamb that the SO had with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus that night.

I ordered a grilled pork chop with cauliflower potato gratin. There was some sort of berry and other fruit topping/jam/glaze on mine but I can't remember what that was even two minutes after I ordered it let alone now. It's too bad that the menu on the site right now wasn't what we had. :(

A close-up picture of the fire pit that we sat around after dinner to pass around a few desserts. It was warm, intimate, and fun. 

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