Sunday, March 24

Vacation Mode

I'm on Spring Break right now, so time and dates don't mean a huge amount to me.

Thursday: I don't remember much from this day. I didn't write anything down like I have been trying to do each day. Chalking it up to being worn out after a long day at work and looking forward to Friday. Pretty sure I vegged out to YouTube videos and watching the SO play some video games before turning in early.

Friday: I was super excited that it was the last day and was very inspired by watching some of the classes perform what they've learned in their Taiko Drumming class. Was holding back tears of joy during the entire presentation. I began to hunker down with tackling some more social media management with the free time that comes with being on vacation.

Saturday: Woke up late and delved into my freelance work of reviewing YouTube videos and making sure things were kept consistent. Got to love Skype meetings. I did a tiny bit of Project Life. Better than nothing, right?

Sunday: Spent all day working on a live stream. Did take a break to have dinner out with a friend and the SO so I'm full of yum. It doesn't make for great blogging but it took up a lot of my time lately, lol. Here are some music videos that have made me happy lately!

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