Sunday, March 31

Much The Same

Hope everyone has had a peaceful Easter weekend.

Not too much has changed in the past few days.

I'm doing the same things and have questioned more and more why I chose this way to spend my time- helping someone else completely and leaving no time for myself. I have really just spent the majority of my spring break helping everyone else and not doing anything just for me to enjoy. As proud as I have been for my work, I feel a bit empty.

Often have taken the need to be needed too far. Tomorrow, I don't have to go in for work, but I'm  working side jobs for the extra money and again, to help others. Starting to freak out about going back to work again because I know it's just going to get increasingly draining from here on out.

Thursday: We were car-less since early this morning because "Hank" is at the mechanics until further notice. Had to wake up at what felt like the crack of dawn to sneak in a called in walk-in. I did some cleaning before back to my social media work.

Friday: I spent the afternoon getting to know a little boy that I'm going to start baby-sitting. He's the grandson of a friend. The SO and I ran some errands too, so I loaded up on a lot of cravings-snacks.

I also was asked to participate in an online brawling tournament due to lack of entries by my online coworkers and then co-hosted the rest of the broadcast after having my butt handed to me. That was nerve-racking and the SO felt bad for helping convince me to go through with the public spectacle, but I'm glad it was entertaining because my teammates humored my awful performance.

Saturday: I spent most of the day baby-sitting. I did make a little time to work more on my Project Life. I have finally finished that pesky April and am in the midst of May 2012 when I visited Florida for a wedding. Another intense month, lol.

I've tried really hard to add a little of something to my work. I just never feel like I have enough time. Or maybe it's the lack of continuous support/ encouragement. One of those things that feels as if I'm going at it alone and only the finished project will remotely be appreciated by anyone else. Only problem with that is that point is pretty far down the road.

Sunday: I tried really hard to bunker down and work on my own stuff today. Was pulled away often, but that's how life is, right? Irks the junk outta me, lol. I'm one to fixate as we well know here. We had an Easter dinner with the family here. I think it's the first holiday meal that I haven't taken a picture of. It would resemble every other one and I felt increasingly detached as time passes.

You'd think this dissatisfaction would be enough to fuel me to change my circumstances. We'll see. I seem to enjoy being angsty...

Did more of my recent usual and now here I am. Man, I have been sneezing like crazy for the past two days. What kind of pollen is in the air?!

To lighten the mood, I have found this hilarious:

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