Sunday, March 17

Meeting The Desert

The visit with family is over and we are wiped. The flurry of activity and massive amounts of extra sun (the temps spiked to the 90's) have taken their toll on us. Now, I just want to sleep for an entire day. Cannot imagine how they feel coming back to 19 degree weather and snow. >_< We're thinking of moving there, why now? :P

Thursday: It killed me to be at work for a full day while they arrived mid-morning at the house. I got to briefly say hello via speakerphone during a break but missed out on ideas being hashed out. Mostly. They hung out until their check-in time of 3pm. I don't think I've ever heard such a late time slot.

The SO was sweet enough to give me a ride into work because FMIL took the day off to spend with her family. I got to sleep in (every minute was needed after nerve-induced insomnia) since I didn't have to walk.

I was going to hang out with a friend going through a rough patch after school, but it was canceled at the last moment and I rushed home to run errands with the SO and then more or less did my normal wind-down routine and helped a bit with dinner prep.

We had everyone over for one home-cooked meal of Chicken Divan using a family favorite recipe. I was probably more quiet than I should have been but realize that I was more tired than initially thought after work and general stressing out. FMIL left that night to stay with her family up at the hotel.

Friday: It was grading day and nice to get a lot of stuff done at school sans students. Got to grab a quick lunch with some of the ladies and then was able to head out early (not as much as originally planned) to run a few more errands before heading up to the resort to hang out poolside. They wanted to soak in as much sun and heat as possible while they were here. Understandably so!

For dinner, we reconvened and went to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant for some authentic Southwestern "cuisine". Afterwards, we hung out at the house until the boys decided that they were going to check out the bar scene downtown while every one else headed back to their rooms. Grandma put me in charge of watching them and they were pretty good. Got back by midnight and we hung out playing Wii bowling together.

I have managed to sneak in some journaling on my April 2012 pages. There's an extra set of pages due to my shenanigans with Flat Stanley at the local plant nursery almost a year ago. Phew, time is weird.

Saturday: I dragged the boys and myself out of our beds, grabbed some breakfast on the way out, and met up with the rest of the family to check out "Traildust Town". It has re-enactments of cowboys dueling and whatnot, but it turns out that the hours for the shops have been drastically cut down in recent times. So, that was a bust.

We didn't want to do too much driving to see anything else while the moms went to visit other relatives, so we checked out the same downtown area and visited some shops before grabbing delicious sandwiches for lunch. Then, it was back to the pool to reunite the group in the sunshine again. For dinner, we went to the hotel's on-property fancy restaurant for great food during a windy night. Dessert was had around a fire pit and it was just nice to spend so much time getting to know each other retelling those embarrassing family memories.

Sunday: The family had to leave by the afternoon in order to drive upstate and catch their flight, so there was brief pool time again (thank goodness that this place isn't all that far away because we live on the outskirts of town) before eating at the hotel's grill for light lunch. We said our goodbyes and were good about keeping tears to a minimum while half-planning a trip this summer to meet again.

There will be more tomorrow and some pictures. Too exhausted to think much more.

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