Wednesday, March 20

Newer Arrivals

I'm currently typing this on a USB flexible keyboard that came from a nostalgic shopping spree at Target earlier and it is incredibly difficult, awkward, and confusing. Plus, it smells funny. Lol.

I was forming the latest are package for my bestie and made out like a bandit. Felt cruddy today so it's nice that it me together in the end. Bah! I'm currently am typing this with two fingers (oh yes) and still miss about every tenth letter... ugh. "i'm subitting myself to ths ridiculousness becus f my ssues lately wt y eloed shi and conol ky."

That roughly translates into: "I'm submitting myself to this ridiculousness because of my issues lately with my beloved shift and control keys." Yeah, I think that's one quirky gag-gift-esque item that is going back to the store. My fingers feel like they just ran a three-legged race over a bunch of rocks.

Enough with my herp-derp-ing.

Monday: I barely got any sleep for a number of reasons and when I got home from work, I crawled into bed and didn't get up until the wee hours. In hindsight, I was pretty dehydrated from the weekend's activities and should have set an alarm to wake up and drink more water periodically because I was still dehydrated in the morning. Apparently, I suck at this game.

Tuesday: Still had the headache but took a few measures to be a bit more awake during the day. Caught up with my internet life that I neglected with family in town. I also tried earnestly to delve into an alternative to my Google Reader by trying out Feedly. It was a very frustrating time looking through the various non-comprehensive starter and transitional guides but I think we finally have the settings that will work.

Wednesday: The drastic weather changes and very high pollen are setting off a lot of illnesses and severe breathing issues for all ages lately. I'm still feeling under the weather (ate a can of peaches for dinner if that's any indication of how off-kilter my mental state is) but wanted to share something fun with you today: the garden! It is Spring now, after all.

I know that there's a bunch of famous birthday and stuff going on in the world right now, but I can barely process it all on my own, let alone analyze it and my feelings here right now.

The surviving peas are surrounding the flourishing strawberry plant. The same one that was not much more than a pair of sad half-burnt leaves not too long ago. They are so pretty together! I'm excited about this companion planting.

The cantaloupe's second set of leaves, the true ones, are coming in and I'm anticipating learning about this new foliage as we watch it grow.

 Oh yes, this is the garlic. They are winning at any competition this garden is having right now without even trying. I have a feeling I need to read up on them really soon. This has given me great confidence or at least relieved a lot of apprehension about growing from bulbs.

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