Wednesday, March 13


I nearly forgot that today was Wednesday and therefore blog post day until I finally checked in on my beloved Google Reader (I blast through about 150 posts a day) to find that the service is being retired in July. Ugh.

It's been a long day, but I'll get to that later.

Monday: The SO and I have really been into the new SimCity. Depending on who you ask, it's the fifth or sixth installment of the franchise. We've been watching some streamers play and we had some fun money saved up and splurged. I think I mentioned that on Friday.

I'm trying to clear out some of the food storage that has gotten a little out of hand and that's been... fun. On the plus side, I had chicken nuggets and tater tots as a treat to myself for making it through the long day. Planned out the next few days of cleaning and did some chores. Nothing too interesting because I was wiped.

Tuesday: It hit me mid-day that the relatives were coming in and I finally started to panic. I've finally caught up on all of my "Water Later" videos on YouTube! I was behind three weeks and it was starting to feel like I would never catch up and then start missing videos. Net-nerd problems, I know.

I treated myself to a nice long warm shower with plenty of pampering and guess what? I worked on some Project Life pages! Nothing is fine tuned, but I slapped the desired pictures onto the pages and all that's left is doing the journaling and editing the photos just a little bit.

It felt good to crank out a few more pages after envying gorgeous and most importantly finished layouts on my blog feed. I will get it done! Sigh. I haven't even gotten much of this year's stuff done... Bah!

Wednesday: It's crunch day. The family arrives tomorrow mid-morning while I'm at work :( but at least everyone else will be available. The SO got a haircut for the occasion and I will forever be jealous of how easy it is for guys when they need a trim. He picked me up from work and we ran some quick errands like filling up the car and cleaning it out just in case we split parties sometime this weekend.

I dusted before heading to work, finally finished making the new labels for the garden, swept the front and back porches, we've cleaned the floors, the bathroom is cleaned, and put the finalizing touches on every surface. There's just a lot of stuff to work around/ through/ over.

Every day of this week just seems to be dragging on and my energy is drained at work. Definitely needed the extra caffeine boost early this week.

I think another part of me is panicking because we have only one activity that's partially planned during this visit. That's it. There are tons of ideas floating around but nothing resembling an itinerary and that is making me flip out. It goes against so many grains in my body.

We had planned one tour to the bat cave at Kartchner Caverns, but SO's grandmother (who is almost 93!) has already been (she's been to nearly everything touristy here in her many past visits) and didn't think she could make it through. That's fine, it was the only activity that really required advanced notice and would probably be one of the most expensive things we would partake in.

I'm just so used to having some sort of plan for a jam-packed visit. Remember "Vacation Boot Camp"? It seems more of an epic saga in that blog post rather than the intense work out that is portrayed in the scrapbook I ended up making about that trip. Man, I love that book and scrapbooking. Just need to do more of that.

So my mom called all excited today. She left a voicemail about how the new Pope has been selected and how much she thought I'd like this one. It was terribly amusing and just a quintessential interaction between the two of us once I finally got a hold of her. My thoughts are: "We'll see." I'm glad that the church is being a bit more... progressive with their choice. At least, on paper.

Wow, I just want to sit and relax/ sleep. If I could somehow manage to do both right now, I so would. Cannot wait to update you on our shenanigans. I hope this meeting goes well and that we make plenty of good memories and everyone has fun and... yeah. Lol. Gonna try to calm my nerves before going to sleep.

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