Wednesday, March 6

Not Short Enough

Today was supposed to be a short day and it was not nearly short enough. My patience for nearly everything is pretty much shot and I'm pretty unhappy with myself because of that. I've been so frustrated and flustered that I'm not even sure where to start in order to gain any positivity back from myself.

I know I just had Rodeo Break, but I did freelance work then so I'm ready for Spring Break where I hope to be completely selfish. That probably won't happen, lol.

Monday: Speaking of that social media management work, I did more of that when I got home from work. Eventually I was distracted by reorganizing my digital photo storage. I had it listed in folders by year and season, but a few years back I changed what qualified for what season.

It was weird and I don't know why I suddenly switched, let alone why I didn't make the folders consistent. I like having them chronologically and ended up ignoring which three months actually made up the weather/ calendar season and went with dividing the months into quarters.

So, now I have October, November, and December photos in say "2012 Q4" versus December, January, and February grouped together in a "2012 Winter". Yeah, that system must have been a late night backing-up organizational kick decision. It's all better now and that decision was made during lucid hours. This process took two evenings because I enjoy sleep.

Tuesday: I'm still catching up on my YouTube subscriptions, I'm just past the halfway mark with February videos. I finished up the photo reorganization and we ran some errands. Not much to report.

We've really enjoyed when they meet great critters on the SciShow with Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers.

So pretty for something so scaly.

The noise that it makes is out of this world.

Wednesday: That pretty much covers it. I tackled a broken laminator and soundless computer lab today after hours. So exciting, lol. I may have started counting down the days until the end of school. Terrible, I know. I am super grateful for finally having stable work, just wish I had more joy in it again. Going to try to relax and hang out with the kitty and the SO. ^_^

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