Sunday, July 17

Attack Mode

I really wasn't going to update today. Especially since one of the big things I did today was remodeling my gardening corner yet again. I also made some burgers indoors (they were a hot mess but still edible) for dinner since we no longer have a grill here. I'm starting my packing for my trip to FL starting Tuesday so laundry is being done right now too.

What put really put me over the edge is the cousin kitty being stung (probably multiple times) in the face by a small scorpion. Oh, yes. I just telling my mother yesterday how we've been fortunate to only have seen one near the house this year. Me and my big fat mouth. Well, his big fat mouth. One of the boys noticed that cat trying to munch on a critter and we realized what it was. Out here, the more translucent and smaller of the species are the ones we need to worry about. I guess they inject more of their poison with much less abandon that the big black ones. After calling the 24hr emergency pet clinic for advice, we're just keeping a close eye on him as he starts having his pained tripping out. What is with this cat and wanting to eat something that's trying to kill/ maim him? His sense of self-preservation seems to extend no longer than his desire to eat everyone's food all the time. Sigh.

I did take pictures of his swelling cheek but won't be posting that. So here's a picture of him being fat and flat yesterday:

Sigh, you would be stung in the face by a scorpion. 

The boys are watching over him now. My bed is currently covered in suitcases and stuff that was being stored within them. Mostly my winter clothes and things that I needed to take a break from wearing constantly. I don't really have much more readily available in my room for more than two and a half weeks. Sigh, I'm planning on leaving one of the extra large suitcases with my folks because I somehow ended up with the family's biggest pieces across the country by myself. That also means I have to figure out another way to store my extra stuff. Roar. This hasn't been a terribly fun day but I've accomplished quite a bit. I guess we've both been on a bit of an attack mode.

This is the darling monkey girl that I finished earlier today. She has earrings that are buttons that were from an old jar a friend gave me. The length of her arms makes me giggle. : )

Alright, here's the green updates:



The parsley were spread out in the middle pot.
Lovin' the shape of the tomato leaves.

Propped up the wonky seedlings with colorful toothpicks.

Most of the bought and split pet grass got their first trim today.
I read in a few places it helped promote health.
 (The stark difference by being in different areas of the house is funny, no?)

The big pepper plants are spending their first day outside. They have gotten a good and thorough soak and are enjoying their recovery. They were scary droopy this morning and I had a mild freak out that led to me gardening and doing stuff during one of the hottest parts of the day. I may post some comparison photos once I know they are really on the mend.

The family doggie seems to be back to normal now. The SO and I spent a nice chunk of time playing with her yesterday and she ran around like her hot mess self. There doesn't seem to be anything else but a small scab where the dry rattlesnake bite occurred now.

I'm starting to gain some positive steam about this upcoming trip. Not the best time, but helping out family isn't typically convenient, lol. *Looks around the room* Oof, I have work to do... I'll see you soon. <3

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