Sunday, July 10


I'm starting to understand why plants are babies for some people.

They are providing daily entertainment while refreshing our sense of wonder for a few moments each and every day. I cannot wait to share with you the latest additions and changes we've made in efforts to improve my gardening knowledge.

Before we get to that though, let's digress, shall we? Lol. Hooray pictures!

Another Chicken Bake. Yum.

It really does look like a Like-Like from Zelda games.

Full of chicken, bacon, mayo, mustard, and tomato goodness. 
(Even if it's not the most attractive thing on the inside.)

Another batch of the perfect chocolate chip cookies!

We used an egg white to brush the chicken bake and used the yolk with a whole egg for these cookies to add to the chewy factor! It's like we planned that or something (we really didn't, :P).

Now for the not so appetizing.

This sucker was so big, the SO thought it was a tarantula at first glance.

Brave FMIL put her hand near it for scale reference.

Nope, it's not the biggest cockroach you've ever seen, but a Palo Verde Beetle.
It has an awkward gait and was almost crab-like because it was going sideways.

These suckers can get 6-8 inches long! Keep moving please.

As grubs, they eat at the roots of the great Mother Tree, the Palo Verde.
As adults, they can fly!

*Shudder* Onto something much nicer: the plants! More seedlings have sprouted!

I'm still not sure what each are. I really should have marked them but was too busy mopping up the mini flood I had created.

I took the ones that have yet to sprout and put them in a dark place covered with plastic wrap like they originally should have stayed before some of their siblings went all sunlight crazy.

The latest addition is pet grass! After soaking the seeds for more than six hours, one pot was planted for now. We have two other pots because they encouraged us to stagger planting to always have some grass readily available for the pets.

They are organic wheat and organic barley seed in organic potting soil made for edible vegetation. :P I'm sure that our little kitty will love this project if it turns out well. He loves rabbit food just as much as his daddy. XD

This dark spot at the bottom of the pantry is its new home until it begins to sprout. I feel a little weird about keeping it all locked away. Like a princess in a tower, lol.

FMIL had been the one to go to the local organic food market to find these seeds after I did the research and had seen them selling grown pet grass for half the price of the fancy pet store! It looked fuller, was grown locally, and was certified organic. So this morning we went and bought two cups. 

We came home, sawed them into sections and put them into old yogurt cups.

Weighed them down with a few rocks.

We could not even keep him away long enough to lightly water them all. Mr. Fuzzbutt wanted to eat them all at the same time.

We spread the six cups all around the house, like by the kitchen sink:

In each of the bedrooms with cats, and on the dining table (that we hardly use, lol):

We now have one of the happiest plant-eating kitties in the whole world. What was funny is that he actually woke me up because he missed having a fresh plant to eat. He was super nice to me for cuddles and comfort, but when he then proceeded to try to eat whatever plant/ dirt he could around the house for some crazy reason, he got pissed at me for dragging him away. Such a pouty boy! That was the last straw for FMIL and I, so we embarked on our little adventure and kitty is so excited now. I can't wait for ours to start sprouting. Various sources say we should have some of our own in no time at all.

I'm going to go poke around them some more. My pepper plants aren't looking as perky as they normally do and I'm a little worried that the tomato plant food is backfiring on me. :( I'll see you soon! <3

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