Wednesday, July 6

Light Bulbs

Is is possible that I have a little too much creative juice flowing through me after mentally lamenting for months that I had nothing?

You know that you have a little too much time on your hands when you're sitting in front of the computer debating to either:

1. Plan the best album ever by creating the perfect songs
2. Go hunting through all of your online cooking resources to add to your newly refurbished recipe folder
3. Go nuts designing another huge house on Sims 3
4. Scan all of the old recipe cards around the house and sort them
5. Do a little more sorting of a couple hundred web bookmarks
6. Crochet as many critters as I can for gifts for people in Florida
7. Learn a new paper crafting technique and go crazy stamping so I have stuff to write about in my other blog
8. Digi-scrap a few pages so I can just add pictures and journaling so I don't have to spend another month after an event to share it
9. Clean all of the un-carpeted floors of the house even though we have three four-legged animals and four adults trampling in and out regularly
10. Write a few short stories for a big concept I had last year
11. Create corresponding figurines out of polymer clay for above idea
12. Mini-digi-scrap about totem animals
13. Re-doodle a collection of critters that I drew more than ten years ago because the ink I used is becoming discolored

Ugh, the list goes on because the more I type, the more ideas keep coming to me. My brain drives me insane sometimes. Well, often times. I would say I want to clone myself, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to wish that upon anyone that I know and care for. Lol.

Hm... maybe I'll just try to do a little of everything today and see what I can't put down. Sure, that makes oodles of sense... :P I'll see you soon! <3

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