Monday, July 18

Before Take Off

I thought that I would be too busy panicking and doing last minute things before my flight tomorrow, but I'm all packed aside from hygiene and electronics that I'll be using until I'm dragged away in the morning. I also have a little more time than expected on hand because my latest project fell apart. Terrible error on my behalf.

 Ms. Beary Valentina got a cute little bow glued onto her head.

After I learned how to crochet little bows, I found tons of free patterns I'm excited to try, and finally decided that I didn't like how the original bow came out. This was the good news.

That is my ginormous penguin head and way too small body.

Alright. The total doll should be about 6 inches tall. That head alone somehow turned out 3.5 inches tall. The white belly piece should be rounder and then I started doing the parent penguin's body from the bottom up. Well, at one point I took a break, ran errands, had some dinner, finalized a picture montage, created my iPod playlist for traveling tomorrow, and then came back to pick this up again. Tossed open to a page about penguins and got to work. Finished the section, sewed the belly on, and proceeded to stuff. Then I realize how horribly tiny they are compared to one another. As if the belly not fitting on the body was supposed to be any sort of clue. Maybe to someone who had half a brain. Not this gal! 

Turns out, that page I flipped to was the page after the pattern I was doing and I ended up finishing the body way too soon by using the baby penguin pattern. Oye. I have a bunch of people who were looking forward to meeting this penguin and I was planning to have them fight over it. Alas, there's no time for me to do the belly and body over and do the feet and wings on top of that and not get minimal sleep. I have determined that being a zombie around an airport is not beneficial to staying on track during my travels.


The cat that was assaulting and assaulted by a scorpion is doing fine. No swelling, no more tripping out, and he's actually a bit more cautious when it comes to bugs. Good for him for growing up for... at least 24 hours. 

My plants are recovering well, but I actually will save all of the chronicling of their recent disastrous adventures for some other time. You are spared! Lol. I'll see you soon and probably from Florida! <3

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