Thursday, July 14


There's some level of sadness/ laziness/ pathetic-ness when you take pictures with the intention of sharing them and are sitting there wishing there was a way for your blog to literally type itself complete with photos. One of these days we'll be able to psychically update our internet shenanigans. The amount of sheer crap that will appear will be infinite and that's just from me, lol.

Oh! I have a warm cookie waiting for me. Brb.

Mmm... I am such a fattie at heart. It's a good thing that as I get older, my gut is striving hard to physically compensate for this discretion in my appearance. /glare. Thanks, belly! Thank you, good genes, even more.

I guess I have a bit of a cranky side to me tonight. My way to try to cope with it while on the internet? Blast music that I love and sing along at the top of my lungs while pwning faces in game (or trying... /cough) or doing anything else with my hands. If I'm not singing along- I'm cussing like a sailor. I don't even think I'm that bad even when I'm mad. There's just something about the atmosphere and genre that it's kind of accepted and expected. Then there's the matter of getting mad at the pixel faces I'm trying to pwn... then... I try to sing harder and maybe even dance in my seat a little before I drop kick my laptop out the window or something equally regrettable and expensive.

Where was I again? I took a bite of cookie and felt warm fuzzies inside that took a little off of my edge, lol. To reward you for all of the ranting, I have more pictures to show you! If I can find them all... I sorted them all into their respective storage folders before posting this and now I have to make sure I get them together again. >_<

*Twenty minutes and a giant cookie later* Alright! I've got it. Today, FMIL left to visit family out of state, so we had the boys gather at the house yesterday for dinner together. We made the sibling to our chicken bake: the taco bake. These are just unattractive dishes no matter how hard I try, but they are so yummy.

That's before you add on the typical dressings for tacos like lettuce, tomato, salsa, and/or sour cream. 

Let's play a game of zoom in!
Can you tell what I'm looking at?

This Gambel's Quail! He's taken a liking to patrolling the backyard fence everyday. Just strutting around, doing his funny hoot, and wiggling his dangly thing. Okay, I looked up the name of said dangly and they only call it an ornamental plume or crest. "Dangly" is a pretty good made-up word to describe it.

Let's play that game again!
Can you tell what we're looking at?

It's a gecko! Probably a type of Western Banded but I don't feel like researching any further than that, :P.

Do you recognize this children's book character?
It's Flat Stanley! A recent rendition. A quick potential-teacher-of-elementary-students synopsis of the story is a little boy who is squished and then make adventures out of everyday tasks because of his new stature and is sent in an envelope to visit friends. Schools have made and sent Flat Stanley's to other kids in other states or countries, take pictures and write letters back of their adventures together. It's so great!

For FMIL's trip, I made a few new Flat Stanley's for her to bring and make a scrapbook out of for the upcoming school year. It's been a tradition in her class.

 Complete with reversible expressions.

I also made a few for myself for my upcoming trip to Florida.

Mine have slightly different faces for a few ideas that I have and this project was made so much easier thanks to my beloved Cricut.

I was actually working on those while the taco bake was, well, baking. Lol. I also recently finished this funny-looking guy.

It's another critter from my book. The Daddy Puppy pattern.

There's no way that mine can sit up on its own like the author's did.

Now, to yet another update about my little gardening corner!

I seem to have a little supervisor in the morning now.
I actually think he's working his way towards harassing the pet grass I've been growing. Stinker.

The back three are the hybrid cherry tomatoes while the ones that are trying to touch you through the screen are parsley.
What a funny shape the tomato leaves are starting to get! There's no visible progress in the pellets that have yet to sprout. :(

Red-Green snail plant is 13 inches tall now! Whoa. That's Lucy still recovering and hiding from kitties in the background.

This is Brown-Pink snail's plant that had the breakage. I'm a little worried about how traumatized the plant may have gotten from suddenly losing so much. It's just about a foot tall now.

This is Yellow-Teal snail. The lower leaves are being super droopy and I'm not sure why. It's generously 11.5 inches tall now.
This is Orange-Purple snail's little plant being all wonky. I think it's 5.5 or 6 inches.

This next part has been mind-blowing, so here's a summary of the pet grass's growth.

 Day 0- Saturday, July 9.
Two tablespoons of soaked seeds are planted at 11pm.

(Day 1 & 2) They were like this inside the pantry and then the bathroom cabinet in the dark.

Day 3- Tuesday, July 12.
At 8am, I saw a dozen pale sprouts shoving up chunks of dirt and seed husks. So, I put it in my gardening corner to get some sunlight...
  ... and this is what I come back to at 3pm! What is going on?!

 Day 4- Wednesday, July 13th.
Are you serious? This is at 8:20am!

Look at how much they are loving the sunlight! Holy cow.

Day 4- Thursday, July 14th.
Well, this is how they look today at 8:20pm. I have such good timing, lol. :P Stunning!

I cannot believe how fast this was. One of the brothers and I were talking about how that kind of makes sense with how grass lawns typically are mowed on a weekly basis. I guess you really forget that when you live in the desert. XD

I need to get back to making a monkey of/for myself. Can't wait to show you that either! I'll see you soon. <3

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