Monday, July 4


Happy Independence Day to everyone! We have come such a long way and have a long way to go, but it has taken so much effort and sacrifice to get here and that's something to be proud of. I hope that you were able to celebrate in a fun but safe way.

Not too much going on here today. That's muggy heat and humidity for you, it's a tad oppressing and somehow manages to stifle or drain your energy. I did manage to finish attaching the body and limbs to my baby lion though! He makes his own mini pride of one.

We also ended up having another monsoon storm come through this afternoon. The season is truly upon us and we're grateful for the precipitation. Here are a couple pictures of the build up and the storm.

Not an outdoor chair. The stain is running off in golden drops.

The sunset after the storm. There was still lightning and thunder off in the distance.

A scene from our firework watching tonight: kitty's cousin trying to be included.

One of the firework shows around the city.

It's off in the distance and some trees were blocking but we could still hear it.

Most of the pictures were pretty dark so I tried something else...

NYC fireworks on the telly! Lol.

We really enjoyed the synchronized show & music.

Can you tell that I was learning how to mess with my camera's continuous shots feature?

So many of my friends later updated their statuses about making resolutions to see these fireworks live in their lifetime. I think I may jump on that bandwagon. It was great to see all the servicemen and women celebrating and being honored.

FMIL wanted to have everyone over to see some of the fireworks and have some BLTs and root beer floats on the actual holiday, despite us meeting up an having ribs yesterday. We managed two-thirds of that plan. Some of the boys headed out with the neighbors to see the fireworks up close and personal after eating. The doggie is off her pain meds and back to her hot mess self and still being spoiled. We did let her out after the rain had cooled down the air significantly after having her underfoot when we fried the bacon. Sigh. She's just a spaz. 

While our cat took all of the excitement in stride and even napped through a few of the finales, the other was torn between his need to interfere-supervise and... well, he's just a giant butthead. He just didn't know how he could get involved nor what to do with himself. Doggie was just trying to avoid the cats and hide by us but we were outside and close to the source of her distress. Thankfully, with all of the precautions we've taken around the city and state, there weren't many crashes, booms, or bangs to really worry about.
Summer is definitely here when you thank your stars for 84 degrees and think that 96 is not bad at all. I need to go cuddle with a cool and damp washcloth now, I'll see you soon! <3

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