Wednesday, March 2

365. Fixation

Another title that I think I've already used. Darn. Do I have enough energy to go and look today? Nah! :D

Day 2 of the new part time job and it was a learning experience being in an unfamiliar classroom. I'll be back at my old stomping grounds tomorrow and that should be fun seeing as how it will be picture day for the kids. Yeah, that sounds like fun. Breaking the routine to herd the class to the cafeteria to sit still in front of a bunch of bright lights and strange people who have a lot to do and little time to do it in. Wish us luck! Lol.

I have been tweaking FMIL's classroom website and beating my brains numb over streamlining the process of ordering books through Scholastic online. It is a pain and a half to do it in a way that best benefits the classroom. The company keeps pushing for more and more online orders but it's a truly frustrating and befuddling experience and I was sure to let them know what I thought in great detail. I managed to order books and test that all out though, so I conquered what I could. Mission accomplished, I suppose. I ordered the Very Hungry Caterpillar for a mere $3 and I think a 5 pack of those "If You Give A ___ A ___... " books for $12. It's either four or five books in that set. I am so excited.

The biggest personal downside to this week is that I've barely slept the past few days. I am so loading up on caffeine to make it through the day but I've gotten to the point that I'm so tired I don't become hungry. Go figure that I choose now to become productive again so I have about three big projects going on that I can't dedicate 110% of my attention to in order to crank them out in one session. I have to force myself to stop after doing a portion and repeat the process for something else. Ugh, it almost sounds like I'm forming some sort of normal life. I don't like it. /pout+sulk. :P

I really need to do some laundry. I also need to hardcore help out with tidying up the house for the workshop-get together we're hosting this weekend. Oh dear gracious me. My oral fixation has kicked into high gear and any progress I have made in the past few weeks has gone out the window in one evening. :( I also have some sort of serious problem with not being able to resist eating M&M's. I'm sure it's border-lining some illness by someone's standards.

It will get done, daggumit. I'm not sure when and how much it'll suck to do, but it will get done! Got to love the honesty, aye? I need to drag my sorry butt to bed asap. I feel like I should count today as my one year blog-aversary, but I won't. :D

Mmk, see you tomorrow! <3

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