Monday, March 7

Bought A Book

I bought a big ole workbook today because I have no idea what I'm doing.

I was upgraded from subbing as a teacher aide to subbing for the teacher at the last moment and luckily I had one simple assignment planned and prepped out since Friday. I did not enjoy scrambling around trying to figure out where potential lesson plans were at, let alone attempting to figure out how to alter it for the wide range of abilities while taking into account the aptitude for kids I barely know.

Deep down or somewhere in the archives of my mind, I have made and tutored kids of all elementary school-ages at appropriate levels but I've been pursuing the toddler-preschool-leading into kindergarten so diligently for the past year that I'm incredibly rusty on what's appropriate for which grade level. The new class that I've been incorporates different grade levels and I really want to do best by them.

I've been trying to catch a few teachers that I've gotten to know (who teach at varying levels) quick/ last minute advice on what I should be covering but after that period of class is done, I'm back being a deer in the headlights pulling out mediocre and over-simplified ideas out of my bum and that doesn't fly by me for more than one activity.

Doing the responsible thing aside, I don't want to do homework! /stampfeetandwhine. I'm tired. I'm trying to run a side business, help keep the house clean, run errands, and help out in other aspects of the school. Then, we add on my impulsive need to take on a million other projects or new obsessions that I just simply cannot handle or control in a timely fashion. I am some sort of insane since I keep doing this to myself and subconsciously expect a different result when I know better than that.

Getting back to my new book (of which I'm pretty sure sapped the new paycheck I've earned from all of this), I chose a grade level on the lower end so I wouldn't have to downgrade too many of the activities but had a chance to take them higher by personally adding a critical thinking aspect to it in person. I'm really happy with what I've scanned from it so far in terms of looking for a generic foundation for me to use as a reference point to create my own lessons. A springboard, if you will. Even if you don't, that's what it is for me. :P I'm so drained, but I think I made a funny. XD

Once all is said and done and I get to vent in fairly appropriate venues, I really am happy with how things have picked up lately. I really am grateful and excited for things to come. Whether or not I'm satisfied with the effort I've put in and the results are a different matter that I'm learning to cope with or improve. Lol.

Alright, I need to sit down and figure out what we're going to tackle over the next couple of days. See you soon. <3

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