Friday, March 18

Up In Figurative Flames

Yesterday, I was so mad.

For the past few nights, I had been working on the digital manifestation of the recipe book I've been griping about lately. I've invested in a few digital kits that I adore too. So, I go to open it up yesterday, since I did not have to go into work, and after going to add one element, the program I use suddenly shut down!

Alright, I think, this stuff happens all the time on my laptop. I'll just open up again and hope that it doesn't happen again. Just like everything else.

No dice.

A little background about how my brain and I work, in cases like these, I'm usually making my own backup files and taking screenshots. But of course, the decision that was made after 2 in the morning was that I didn't need to so early on into project. I'll be fine, I thought. Ugh.

Suddenly, the file is corrupted and there's an error message that tells me I should call customer support to learn how to open up the backup file. Excuse me? I searched myself online for the process and imo, it's more complicated than it should be. Within an hour, I manage to open up the program's backup file of my project. Much to my great dismay, none of the content was saved. Only empty boxes that marked where various text and elements once where. Hours of work and designing reduced to mere skeletons.

I was pissed, to say the least.

I was a bit grateful to at least have the frames because calibrating them in the first place was quite tedious since I was such a noob. I've reassembled those pages of recipes and have worked out a basic system to speed up the process as a whole but you bet your bottom that I'm taking screenshots every few steps and saving like mad and physically saving my own backup file, on top of what the program does.

I wanted to write about this the night it happened, but I was so friggin' steamed. I'm fairly content with how the pages are coming along now and hope to get much more of it done soon. Even though "done" doesn't really mean done because I'm missing a few bits and pieces of information such as preparation and total times or I need to take a better picture of each dish. Eh, life's always a process, lol.

I'll see you soon. <3

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