Friday, March 4

Not Counting

It feels really weird not numbering my posts. D:

Today has been full of... disturbances in the force. I am so very glad that it's a weekend and yet it still does not mean I get to catch up on any sleep. Gotta whirlwind clean the house with FMIL so it's nice and ready for the workshop and I'm making a few bracelets any chance I get because I'm obscenely behind on a few requests. Pictures shall come once the entire batch is finished, for sure.

I also am a horrible influence. FMIL and I went to Michaels today and I finally caved and picked up my first skein of yarn and my first pair of knitting needles. I mentioned the other day that I was trying to not learn about Amigurumi (ugh, I can never remember what it's called- let alone pronounce it easily) just yet but... I don't have much self control when it comes to learning and crafts.

So, she taught me how to cast-on and knit. I haven't tried to purl or cast-off yet. Here is a picture summary of how that has gone:

It took many tried for me to get the first stitch, then I kept casting-on over and over and unraveling it to keep practicing. The first photo is my first dive-in effort to cast-on and knit. I think I somehow added in a button hole as shown up close in the second pic. :P I think I may have... "dropped" a stitch. Or added one. Who knows? The next one shows what I kept doing over and over again to keep practicing. Plus, it really fun to keep tugging on one end to make everything disintegrate. The final picture shows my latest and bar far the best attempt  I made this evening before I messed something up at the end of the row and couldn't figure out how to ignore it and keep going. Not to shabby, aye? I'm slow to pick-up initially but then I keep learning really quickly. :D Handy habit to have, yes.

I'm so excited. It actually looks like something already! I haven't tried to read any pattern yet so there has not been any need for me to keep track of the amount of stitches I've made. Hopefully, I will find the repetition to be soothing for this activity as well.

Mmk, I'll see you soon. <3

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