Thursday, March 10

Choked Up

It's kind of nice to know that this is somewhere I can still turn to for a little extra venting room.

Yesterday was a bit of a rough day for me mentally and I was debating posting by the end of the night and realized that I was really looking forward to sleeping and sleeping in. So, once I realized that, I went crawling as fast as I could into bed and I think it helped so much (finally catching up on sleep).

It was the little man's 5th birthday though! He got a few treats and a quick trip outside with his daddy. According to the internet's various cat age calculator/ converters, he's about 36-37 years old in human years. There was something about giving cats 15 years after their first year of live because that's around the time we respectively reach sexual maturity and then another 9 years to the age after the second year because that's roughly when we respectively reach physical maturity, and then 4 years for every subsequent year. This was mostly according to an article on eHow and I more or less confirmed it with various calculators that I found. What an old man Mr. Fuzzbutt has become! As distinct of a personality he has, it seems that he's still growing, changing, and learning something new every day and it's pretty rewarding to be a part of. :P Pet parenting, aye?

I guess I must be going through some existential crisis or something right now that led me to flipping out and having a little breakdown yesterday. Started up a giant To-Do list of all the things that I've meant to do over the past few months and have yet to get done. Not very like me to let it get to this point and it's pretty intimidating. Luckily, I've felt my drive seep back into my life and I have a better and natural attitude about tackling each task and project steadily. Doing my best to take care of my unfinished business and it's promising thus far.

Another tip that I have learned, I forget from where now, is a way to discourage getting discouraged over a to-do list. You know when you make a list but by the end of the day only have maybe two things crossed off and you wonder what the heck happened? Usually, you just end up taking care of other things that happened not to cross your mind when you made that list or just came up but had to be taken care of right then and there. Well, you did them, so just add them to your list and cross each of them right off. That way, you have proof that you did accomplish a couple things that day.

I have found that this helps a tremendous amount. I used to have a list of 15-20 things to do a day (some could be done through out the week) but that's kind of the crazy person I am. I would start to freak out about only getting two and a half things done and questioned how I was able to waste entire days on doing nothing when I was trying so hard to do something. I realized that whomever gave me this advice was totally right, I was getting a whole bunch of things done, it just wasn't my stuff, things I hadn't considered writing down, or junk that life just felt like throwing at me that day.

Hm. As nice as it was getting that out of my system (for the umpteenth time today), it's that time again when my bed is calling my name. I'll see you soon. <3

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