Saturday, March 5


After a long day and much elbow grease from everyone, I really do believe that common areas of the house are as clean as they ever has been since I've been around. :D Very liberating and fresh-feeling. I hope that we can continue to all pitch in and keep it up.

On that note, my poor room is still a trash hole. I hope to address that with a passion during the week. XD

We went all out today because of the little workshop-party we're having tomorrow afternoon but we were wiped from work during the week. We'll be having all sorts of people coming in and out all day long so I hope I survive. Lol. Once the floors were all mopped, our kitty went insane. It was as if the floors no longer smelled right so it was his job to claim it all as his. Rolling all over the like he was on some sort of acid trip. It was absolutely hilarious. Dragging himself across the floor on his side and rubbing all over toys and the floor for nearly an hour. Play fighting with all of us and even his kitty cousin- who had no idea what to do with the situation and tried to either mimic our kitty or stare in complete confusion.

Our kitty is usually just so... cat-like. Aloof and stand-offish. Snooty and dignified. And personality-wise, he's fairly timid and easily distressed with changes around his home. For the past year, with all of what has gone down, he has handled it incredibly well. And now, as I'm staring at him as I'm writing this, he is passed out on his back, legs stretched out, with his paws curled up on his chest. He is beyond comfortable and secure and I love that.

Alright, I can hear the bed calling my name and I cannot wait any longer to keep catching up on sleep. :P I'll see you soon. <3

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