Sunday, March 13

AGAD Music Playlist

While I'm trying to work on prioritizing and my time management skills so I stop freaking out as much, I'm watching the amazing men of "A Gay A Day" the YouTube collaboration channel.

During the first week of this year (I just realized -again- that I don't quite comprehend what year it is right now. It was the first week of last year), they challenged each other to create a quick soundtrack to their current lives and I wanted to belatedly join in! The biggest challenge for me is to choose songs without overthinking it too much. I feel I should emphasize the fact that I'm choosing these songs off the top of my head and I have plenty of songs that would fall under the categories but I'll stick to one each. I will, however, let myself choose mostly recent mainstream songs. :D

1. A song that makes you happy:
"Everything" by Michael Bublé

I can listen to it constantly and it turns into a duet in my head. 
I love listening to it as I'm flying home to see the SO again. <3

2. A song that makes you sad:
"Heaven" the 9/11 Remix by DJ Sammy

Such a tragic event coupled with the fact that I was 
recovering from minor surgery and coming 
down from the anesthesia in my darkened 
room lit up by a lava lamp the first time I heard it. 

I was a hot sobbing mess. 

I still have a physical reaction to this song every time I hear it.

3. A song that makes you nostalgic:
"Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani

It's not even about the content or the fact that I appreciate 
this song teaching the masses how to spell "bananas". 
I heard this song several times during my high school senior year prom: 
getting ready, riding in the limo, at the prom, when we got back into the limo, 
etc. It pretty much gives me snapshots of all of those fun moments 
and even though prom wasn't perfect, it was still another 
good time with friends, and that's what growing up is pretty much about.

4. A song that makes you want to dance:
"Marry You" by Bruno Mars

This was actually a really hard song to choose. 
There are plenty of songs that I obsess over and love to jam to 
(surprise, surprise, right? XD) but the typical song 
I love to dance to tends to be something raunchy, loud, trashy, 
and ridiculous. I could not really think of one that was currently 
filling that space in my life right now. However, that dang Glee 
turned me onto this song and it makes me want to kick up my heels 
and go prancing around the room/ public venue. 
Not too many make me just want to celebrate and 
that's why this song was the winner. 

5. A song that no one would expect you to like:
"Game On" by The Guild

Alright, if you learn a few things about me, know that you 
should never be surprised by anything that comes up in my iTunes.
I'm pretty sure I've shared this already because it's so awesome,
but here we go!

Too much fun. I'm going to keep browsing for digital pieces for the recipe scrapbook I've been meaning to work on and children's books because I'm an oddball like that. :D I hope you have fun and would love to hear/ see your soundtrack.

See you soon. <3

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