Tuesday, March 1

364. Bookmark

Alright, I'm only vaguely sure how this works. Tomorrow will be my 365th day of daily blog writing. There are 365 days and 6 hours in a year. So, I'm pretty sure that makes not tomorrow but the day after my one full year anniversary of blogging. Somehow.

For my sanity and safety's sake, I'll stick with that line of thinking.

Lol, anyways. I can't even remember if I mentioned going to two bookstores on Saturday. I'm fairly certain I did. Ugh, I'm going to go look before I give my worn out self a headache trying to think. Yes, I do believe that there is smoke coming out my ears. Oh wait, I actually didn't mention it. Well, FMIL and I ran a few errands after the CPR and First Aid certification classes. I had the attention span of a gnat in those bookstores. I wanted to look at nearly every book in those places. I even got book-shelf-neck. Where instead of dealing with reading the sideways spines, I tilt my head until it's all straight and quickly read with my noggin cranked sideways. I couldn't decided on what to get, so I decided not to settle on any one thing.

Boo for doing a sensible thing. Alright, if nonsensical is a word, "sensical" should be do. Dagflabbit. Grr. Lol.

I realized that I really want a nice reference book about owls. I adore owls, if you couldn't tell from the recent remodel. :D I loves it and flipped out when I saw it. I really want to learn about Amigurumi knitting and needle-felting. Then I have my love for origami and polymer clay and drawing as well as my interests in watercolors, cross-stitching, making accessories, and such. Then I love things that resemble encyclopedias about pretty much any animal. Then there are the language learning books, new age stuff, travel guides, fantasy, mystery, and so much more. Ugh! Oh and children's books. Lol. Hoo boy. I could get into a lot of trouble at Target, any office supply store, craft store, or big bookstore.

I thought I saw a few good deals in the school's Scholastic flyer, but when I looked it up on my own at home online, not so much. Sigh. It's probably the universe's gentle way of telling me to take a chill pill and not buy things with my non-existent spare money, even if they are books that I have no room to store where I currently live... Sigh. I'll survive. Barely. :P

I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about now. It's been a long day of subbing that involved chasing and a general state of confusion. :D

Heehee, I'll see you tomorrow. <3

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