Monday, February 28

363. Sugar High

I actually don't think I've used that title before. Hm. Well, at least it doesn't feel like I have.

In all of my ranting glory yesterday, I totally forgot to mention the amazing news:


It's the first snow at the house that I've seen since moving here over a year ago. This winter had been particularly dry too so we were just happy that the stormy cold weather brought some rain. Little did we know that a few hours later, that rain would turn into snow flurries! I don't know enough about snow to be sure that they could have been classified as "flurries" but whatever. It was there, it looked like powered sugar, and FMIL caught a few pictures before the rising sun melted it all away. At least some is still up on the mountains and I should try to remember to catch a picture of that tomorrow if it's still there.

I think that this is all amazing! Everything looks so "prettiful". :D

Speaking of sugar, I was chatting in the kitchen with FBIL (future brother-in-law, :P) and he was making a pasta salad or something in his giant mug and for some reason I was inspired to make a salad of my own. A S'more salad, that is. XD My gluttony knows no bounds sometimes. We've have a modest stash of s'more supplies for a while now but have yet to make a backyard bonfire so they have been taunting me from their little corner in the kitchen. I warmed them up a little bit in the microwave but it's not something I recommend because marshmallows like to expand rapidly when being cooked from the inside out. As quickly as milk decides to boil over the one time you look away to grab a spoon to stir the pot with. I'm not a bitter person, really. Oh no, wait I am. Lol.

Anyways, behold!

That's a pastel pink Easter themed M&M in the middle because I thought my salad needed a cherry on top? I guess I kind of lost track of the fact that it was supposed to resemble a salad and not a sundae. Lol. But FBIL was teasing me about what I was going to use for salad dressing and I have the brilliantly bright light bulb moment of tossing on some dark chocolate syrup. :D I am so pleased with myself, if/when I get sick, I don't think it'll matter to me. Lol.

Sigh, I needed these goofy little moments after all of the heavy, dramatic, and discouraging stuff we've been watching on the news lately. It's hard trying to determine how much more mature we are as a country compared to all of the ones that are revolting against their governments. The more we think and talk about it, it almost seems as if there's not much more of a difference between the societies. Reminds me of that saying that even if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. It's pretty worrisome and frightening of what that may mean for us as a species. Sigh. Now, I'm all down and serious again and I really don't think I should have any more chocolate before bed.

Well, if you're not laughing, you're crying, so I'm off to go cuddle-harass the kitty before heading to bed. I'll see you tomorrow! <3

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