Thursday, July 12

The Basics

It was one of those days that I was consumed by an idea. I had planned to try to tackle that scrapbook, but I ended up having to act upon this idea on some level because it wasn't letting me focus on anything else. I'm only somewhat obsessive and compulsive. Sigh.

I saw an example about a card file of friendship favorites. It's like having a little cheat sheet about a friend's favorites that may help remind you of go-to places to eat or which color scarf to make them. It really struck me how little of these "basic" facts I didn't know about people I have been friends with for over a decade. I may have known them at one but things change!

That also led me onto a mini-tangent about couples surveys too and I have come to love those questionnaires you can fill out yearly about little life details we take for granted. In scrapbooking, I see using it to learn what's exactly going on in their children's minds in respect to themselves that year because they really do grow up so quickly....

Sorry, I had coffee today for the first time in two weeks and may have been a bit heavy-handed. It feels as if I'm experiencing a day-long panic attack. You know, because that's normal. O_o...

I'll get to those other ideas in depth at a later point in time. Back to the main idea.

So, I wish I had a claw ring of index cards... but I didn't. So, I settled for sheets of patterned paper from my collection that I had yet to use in over a year. I quartered them so they're roughly the size of a credit card, punched holes in the stack, and am using an extra scrapbook post I had in my craft box. Super handy and it comes with an extender! Even though I will never have that many friends. XD

I tweaked the "questions" of the original project so my cards include: the person's name (including their middle name or at least the initial, depending on how much room there has), their birthdate including the year, favorite color, favorite animal, favorite food, drink, dessert, hobby, place to shop, & one fact about themselves. That last one could be a favorite quote or philosphy or random fact, etc. I did allow for a tiny bit of wiggle room if they had two favorite foods.

I have three written up so far and it's led to some great conversations today and I'm learning so much! It's partly embarrassing and fascinating.

So, that's what I've been up to today. Are you the type to remember all of these things on your own?

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