Friday, July 6

How I Scrap, Pt. 2

This is Part 2 of my Scrapbooking Process. I'm trying to be better about the length of my posts unless I really feel like I need to vent it all at that very moment. :P

5: LAYOUTS After a few pages, start laying out the photos where I want them to end up. Keeping in mind that the borders of the pages may be cut off by various printing services. Better safe than sorry for the price you're going to be charged or the money you spent on ink and photo paper at home.

6: JOURNALING Start adding in the desired text with the space you've left yourself after laying out the photos. Tweak proportions if necessary to make it fit and work together.

I personally struggle a bit here because I like to include what is probably way too much detail and background information behind everything. Doing this part with limited space helps me stay concise and very intentional with my wording.

- REPEAT - Until you're finished slapping on photos and adding your journaling. Haven't gotten to this last step yet because there's over 50 pages I've roughly thrown together in the past few days.

7: DECORATE Dig through the digital scrapbooking supplies for the perfect papers and try to use coordinating embellishments. One of the major perks of buying kits.

By this time I don't have a lot of room but the point of my scrapbooking is remembering the story (as I wrote about a few days ago) plus I have fully conceded that I am terrible at embellishing. I do try to have some element, like a certain button, that's shared across the two-pages.

With so many folders within folders of mini kits to choose from, I sometimes go through the preview images and jot down a list of which I will probably want to use. (Kit Name, Designer's name because that's how I sort my kits, reason why I may want to use it like the colors or theme.)

Tweaking sizes and placement accordingly. Review the overall look with the viewing option and get distracted by a bajillion things all of the time. Can't forget that part, it's apparently crucial! Lol.

Usually, I like having a premade playlist of my current favorite tunes on repeat. Lately, however, I have been tuning into podcasts and Ustream recordings that are about scrapbooking or at least papercrafting. Maybe just hearing those terms helps keep me in the mindset.

Either way, here are the results. You should be able to click on each of these images for a bigger and better view.


Simple, effective, and DONE! OORAH! Lol. Hope this helps.

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