Wednesday, July 18


The flight issue was settles, she ended up volunteering her seat but didn't know if the airline would take her up on that offer until about 10 minutes before take off. Cute.

Then she wasn't able to find her luggage before realizing it was already waiting for her elsewhere because it had made the original flight while she did not. Got a voucher for her troubles. :D

We're all resting up before a night out, probably tomorrow now. I woke up to our first ant infestation of the season. It did not make for a happy camper and I was already exhausted after a sucky night of non-sleep.

This lead to the SO setting up and spraying around the house like we've been meaning to do. We were holding out for a good storm first, so the spray wouldn't be washed away but this was too much to deal with.

They were following past trails and going nowhere in particular yet, so that was the good news. The bad news was that they have trails going into every single room. My room was the only one they hadn't made it to yet before I started doing my best to manually annihilate them. Grr!

The best part of today has definitely been: Terraria.

It's like the big sandbox game of Minecraft, which I wanted to play but didn't want to pony up the $30 for right now. It's a cute old school pixel style, 2-D, and side-scrolling. You just... mine and build things while surviving zombie attacks and such. At 50% off right now through Steam? Yes, please.

I'm off to fend off balls of slime and build my fortress!

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