Sunday, July 15

Nature Indoors

We had such promise for the thunderstorms hitting the house today. No dice. Lightning and thunder all around us with a hint of ice-cold sprinkles.

The breeze and low-rolling clouds made for a interesting sunset though! Here's the reverse view. The other was way too bright to capture.

For the past few weeks, the beans and two remaining Serrano plants have recuperated indoors in the original garden corner. Today, the SO cracked into one of the non-over-ripe fruits.
What an interesting hint of orange in the middle! Haven't seen that before. While he isn't the spice-fiend of the family, he does enjoy the heat and ranked these super hot. Especially in terms of after-burn. I had slices of cheese ready when he tried it. It's has been deemed a good secret ingredient, so that's promising!

The kitty has been acting very affection and almost needy this evening. Then, we found out that he has spotted and cornered a few kinds of beetle-like bugs throughout the house. Looks like it's time to spray the outer perimeter again. The recent bits of rain are driving the desert wild and the bugs are all starting to really put effort into seeking shelter indoors. No thanks!

I didn't snap any pictures because who really wants to save photos of squished bugs? There are some June bugs, something that closely resembles a stink bug, tiny little beetle-looking bugs, and then there was apparently a cricket-like insect indoors that we had no clue about.

While he just poked at the other ones and led us to them, he did not say a peep about that last guy until he was through with it. He came and grabbed my attention and then showed me the carcass in the middle of the living room floor. The catch? Mr. Kitty had ripped off 5 of the 6 legs and deposited them in different spots within a two foot square area. Yummy.

But I'm proud of my little man and his icky-bug catching prowess. Saves me the trouble and he has a very good idea which ones he should just leave alone and grab me or his dad to come look. I think I'll go grab him a treat for the jobs well done today.

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