Sunday, July 1

Something Fishy

I really could not tell you how I got onto this crafting tangent, but the train has left the station and I'm along for the ride.

Currently on an aquatic animal kick and I haven't been able to stop hunting down patterns for the past two days. Earlier, I got a chance to have a Skype date with my bestie and show her everything that I've been making over the past month with yarn. It was super fun sharing.

My collection is not complete, but I'm off to a great start. At this rate, I may need to buy some aquarium and make a whole scene out of these critters. XD I'll find them all good homes someday, but for now, they are all mine to enjoy!

First came this little fishy. I started off using scrap yarn from my moebius scarves, so that's always great. There will be many more different colored friends joining him soon. Sorry for the wonky lighting, I was too excited to share to take the time make a proper set-up.

It's like a goldfish cracker!

 Complete with hot-glue-gunned eyes.
This tiny lobster is actually the latest creation, but before that was when things were weird...
 What could it be?
Besides the oddest-shaped football ever.
 You don't think...?
 Oh, yes it is!
A big ole shark!

In all honestly, I've had a pretty crappy day mentally and emotionally, and these guys really cheered me up. I plan on a handful more critters before doing something ridiculous like making a photo shoot surrounding them on the couch or something. Don't doubt me, I would totally do it.

I have found so many really cool patterns lately, I can't wait to save up for the proper colored yarns and try them all!

Here are the links to the patterns I used (all great sites, check out their other patterns!):
Tiny Lobster

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