Tuesday, July 3

Why I Scrapbook

I was so tempted to vlog about this, including my face and everything. However, I'm not that brave yet. Maybe someday. Probably someday, lol.

This just means that I can eat minty chocolate chip frozen yogurt while wearing makeup as I work.

I was especially inspired by Lain Ehmann of LOAD (Layout a Day) and started listening to her podcasts about scrapbooking. I think it's the first podcast in years that I've listened to for fun.

I was working on that now infamous Florida vacation scrapbook from last summer now that I am determined to get it done. She is constantly reminding me to remember why I am doing this and to just relax! As long as we get something done, it's a great accomplishment.

As we all know here, I'm a hobbyist. I collect hobbies. However, when something that is supposed to give me joy stresses me out to the point of tears, things have gotten ridiculous. Bringing it back to basics helps me reach some odd sort of zen. I'm so grateful that her voice is just reaching a good nerve with me today.

I scrapbook because I feel it's a way for my to fulfill one of my purposes in life. I have come to terms that one of my pathways in this universe is to record what is going on and what has happened. While I still need to find a healthy balance, getting down all the details of everyday moments and special events is something I feel that I'm good at.

I scrap to remember. I blog to remember. I take tons pictures to remember. I make millions of lists to remember. I have a terrible memory but a burning desire to remember. Also hate using the word "I" so much in my blog posts because it feels selfish, lol. Something that has been happening a lot since restarting blogging every day.

Scrapping and writing helps me remember to appreciate every moment- to not take anything for granted. I usually write to no one in particular but have become more mindful of what to include for clarity and references of context. For context? I don't know.

What's the priority for me with scrapbooking? That it gets done! That and that I love what I've made because of how much love I've put into it. I could not feel more accomplished and proud of the two complete albums that I've made so far.

I have all of these pictures and ideas that I want to share with my loved ones and they are just sitting on my computer. Somewhat organized in a way that only I understand with the important thread that ties them all together or adds meaning to it sitting in my cluttered brain. What good is that?!

You know what fascinates people in the future? Personal details. The little things suddenly bring a story to life and you feel that much more in touch. Get it done!

Alright, I'm more yelling at myself at this point and should get back to work with all of this passionate energy. May you always remember to save your work and backup your precious pictures - after remembering to snap just one good one during that joyful moment! - and get things done and out there!

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