Sunday, July 8

A Review

Well, my folks are home from their cruise and I've heard an amusing anecdote or two via my brother. Can't wait to hear more the next time I talk with my mom. I know that they're grateful to be back on land and at home and ruing how much weight they feel they've gained in the past week.

Today has been fairly laid-back. I didn't get much sleep so I took a break form digi-scrapping. I know I'll actually pick it back up again soon because I've made so much progress with the journaling part now. Next is choosing the background paper. Usually going with textured card stock.

I've actually gotten back into my collection of terrible Nintendo DS games. Those really cheesy pet ones? Yeah, I'm part of the reason why that ridiculous industry has stayed in business for so long with crappy hardware. Not exactly proud, but I'm not ashamed enough to hide it either, lol.

Anyways, here are a few pictures from the past few days that I wanted to share.

 This is what it looked like outside on Independence Day! We set two weather records here: the coolest and wettest Fourth of July in recorded history. Awesome!
 Whatcha doin' there Mr. Cloud? Don't you know you're supposed to be up in the sky?
I went to the bathroom the other day and saw some dirt right outside of the cabinet. The pet grass that was taking too long to sprout had a growth spurt! I opened the doors and had a bunch of dirt fall out. It grew so fast that it tossed the top inch of dirt right out of the pot! We left it outside to photosynthesize for a few hours because that's all it really wanted. Kitty was incredibly excited when we brought it in.

*WARNING: Creepy Crawly Alert!*
 Yep, a little snake in the backyard. It seems that tease of rain has brought many a critter out from hiding to seek more moisture and food. Lovely. We were mostly able to coax this one out of the yard.
Oof! What a way to spend an evening.

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