Wednesday, July 11

Digital Paper Pushing

Like I said, I'm back to working on the scrapbook.

I finished up the last chunk of journaling and set to work on picking out the background papers. Early on, I had made a reference list of kits that I thought I'd probably end up using, mostly because of the themed elements. Even included brief notes next to each name to remind me why I thought it would be ideal. For some silly reason, I thought I would use the coordinating papers from these mini collections.

No dice.

I ended up searching through my preview files to find half a dozen "unlisted" kits and using their papers instead. I had gorgeous vivid colors lined up but when I tossed them behind our photos, it made the people looked washed out when it really was the lighting.

I figured that I didn't want to hand-edit 52 pages worth of pictures and that my current collection was extensive enough that I could find something that would work for me.

Maybe if I had a lot more patience, time, and a better computer set-up... I would sit and edit each photo or tweak my digi-scrapping supplies until they were perfect together... but I don't have that luxury. What I want is a completed book that's nice enough to warrant paying a dollar to print each page. Delicate balance, lol.

Work with what you got, right?

Some patterned paper I love but it is really too busy to use so I favor textured-looks or subtle monochromatic prints. Neutrals are my best friend when the colors of the clothing and content are wild & crazy. The funny thing is, I started to miss the bright obnoxious hues I had thrown on as fillers for each pair of pages. I almost wanted to keep the hot pinks and neon greens but I knew my mother would kill me.

She's has a classy style and she's already biting a big bullet letting me design this book. XD

So, here I am with +50 pages full of photos, journaling, and backgrounds done. I reserve the right to tweak any and all of the above, lol. While some pages too much longer than I thought it would, the whole process wasn't too painful. I think it's because I ended up using coordinating pages from kits I hadn't considered for this project.

I was somewhat bolstered by my progress so I started to embellish the first page and... it went downhill fast. This will probably be the most challenging and tedious leg of the scrapbook now that I've dived in head-first. Not looking forward to it, but it will be what's separating me from send the proofs to my folks and the printing company. That should be motivation enough, right?

... Sigh. We're getting there. Maybe I'll feel inspired again in tomorrow.

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