Thursday, July 19


Not too much to report today.

The SO was feeling under the weather so he didn't join us, but FMIL and I tried out a new restaurant today. Actually, we were recommended a little bakery cafe and when I looked up the address, I saw rave reviews spanning years. We were pretty excited about that but I didn't think to look at the hours. >_< What a newbie mistake.

Turns out that it closes at 2pm Wed-Fri. Whoops.

We did see a Chinese restaurant on the way there and had seen advertisements for it before, so we gave it a whirl. It was a nice enough place visually, but the food was super dry and under-seasoned for what we paid for it. :(

We even brought the SO a dish to try too. I really wanted to like that place but none of us could. Oh well, it was fun to try something new anyways.

The best part of the day has been spending it playing video games "with" the SO. I've been playing the game that I shared yesterday (Terraria) and he's been playing Diablo 3.

He has been streaming live shows about video games for background noise and the occasional relevant tip. The commentary is sometimes hilarious. Sometimes it's hard to concentrate on killing demons because of it.

I, on the other hand, have spent my time exploring and digging through caves and turning them into caverns. I've come to realize that way I'm doing it is incredibly inefficient but I've opened up huge areas and collected many materials. It's just stuff like sand to make glass to turn into bottles for potions, etc.

My biggest enemy right now is water. I keep finding pockets of it by accident and flooding the tunnels and platforms I so painstakingly created with streams upon streams of water. Right now, my tiny adventure cannot breathe underwater.

I've seen that if I dig deep enough, I could get to lava! Not that I want to anytime soon because it sounds incredibly dangerous and tricky to deal with, but all I've seen are forests and dirt caves.

It's like a simplistic puzzle of sorts trying to figure out what ingredients I need with no goals or storyline that I have to pursue.Very addicting. :P

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