Tuesday, July 24


I found something to work on today!

The idea was bouncing around in the back of my head yesterday behind the mental clutter, but I snagged it. :D

Before getting to that though: We got a rainstorm! :O

Now, this: What could it be?

Worked a bit more on the heirloom recipe storage and organization I started a few months ago! Yay! My hands currently smell like old paper, lol. I only stopped because I ran out of page protectors- how sad for an office supply lover like me!

I had stocked up on a few packs of dividers too, but quickly realized that they were not going to work for this because the protectors cover them. XD How useful.

FMIL and I are going to pick out patterned papers for the new dividers together. After that, I'll probably print out labels of some sort. It's really coming together! I took pictures of the older handwritten recipes from other family members and friends. Those recipes have been very well-loved and I'd hate to see the lost to time. 

There's a metal box that FMIL got in her Home Economics class back in high school that she likes to keep recipe cards in. So, I organized the sections into the same categories as the binders and fit what I could in there. That booklet was given to her mother from the Association of Children's Health Center. I think it features recipes from families involved and that she helped set it up in the first place. Probably should confirm that story- but it's something like that, lol.

... And this is why I write as much as possible now. My brain is like a big ole leaky bucket. Sigh. XD

Really wish I didn't lose my momentum. I'm very excited to finish this endeavor once and for all! Probably this week.

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