Friday, July 27

The Bold & The Beautiful

Went back into work this week and saw a ton of classroom changes. Almost overwhelming after getting used to the past two years. School starts super early for these kids this year, but that means more/ longer breaks throughout the year. We'll see how we feel about that, lol.

Other sights I saw today were much more natural.

The pretty Desert Cardinal:
This was through a dirty glass sliding door and on the other side of the yard.

And *warning* creepy-crawly alert!
 We happened upon a pretty bald and upset tarantula.
 Might have been the same one from the other night, but more defenseless and therefore angrier. 

Maybe trying to get to dog dish water or the big ants nearby? :( Not sure but we did our best to shoo it out of the yard before the dog tried to eat it.

That's it for today!

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