Saturday, June 30

Bright Side Of Summer

Just for today, at least.

I'm not done with it yet, but I shall finish it some time tomorrow. I found yarn goodies to make... I'm not sure what I was looking for in the first place. Can't wait to share!

While we worry about the fires in Colorado and the rain in Florida, we feel some of the pain of the states that are hitting into and above one hundred degrees this week. Still crossing our fingers for the monsoon season to unofficially start. We've had storms tease us over the last few days- seeing lightning in Mexico, virga in the sky, and storms getting caught up in the mountains and breaking apart before reaching us. On the bright side, clouds make for comforting sunsets.


I've tried to keep looking on the bright side of summer, so I decided it was time to change up the polish on my nails. Decided on something outside of my comfort zone and put on a neon pink (Essie's Short Shorts from their 2008 Summer Neon collection). The pictures do not do it justice, it really is pink, it didn't come out perfect by any means, and I added a glittery statement nail too.

Doing the claw hand for a close-up view is really weird. In feeling and in look. Trying to keep upbeat and busy, it's nearly a full-time job. Hope your summer has been treating you well thus far! <3

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