Thursday, August 16


Last night was absolutely miserable.

I tried to get a solid night's worth of sleep and ended up getting none. Luckily I had a bit of nap earlier because between then and bedtime- I began coughing so hard that I cramped up back muscles.

It took the entire night to stretch it back out and rest in between coughing fits. Was feeling so much better earlier in the day too. Other compounding health things just sucked.

Prayed for everyone who have chronic back pain due to injuries and illness. My heart broke for them when I felt I could barely function last night.

Took some medicine and it knocked me out for the day, so I'm up now for a little while in hopes of gaining back some semblance of a sleep schedule tonight.

Wasn't the best way to spend my birthday, but I cannot thank the SO and FMIL enough for doing their best to help me through. Also appreciated the well wishes, birthday wishes, texts, and voicemails from loved ones.

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