Monday, August 13


No Monday Questionnaire this week.

I took a look at it and most of the questions are not relevant for me so the answers would be pretty lame.

This head cold is just getting in the way.

I want to so something for my birthday- heck, even trying out a new restaurant, but I can't wrap my brain around any ideas after I come home from work.

The kitten and our cat have minimally butted heads but there's more cautious and limited voluntary interaction now. I was hanging out with friends online and letting off some steam when it was brought to my attention that the seeds I had been preparing were strewn across the floor. The little monster got into them and splatted them under the tables and chairs, through the kitchen, and halfway down the hall. Wanker.

Cleaning that up and planting the seeds that I could salvage got me out into the garden.

Did I mention that we had a record high for yesterday? 109 degrees. That's like 43 degrees Celsius. Lol, some of my new friends are Aussies.

The bottom branches of each of the tomato plants have been burnt, the strawberries are nearly toast, and the herbs are just a mess.

Gnats are mean little things too.

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