Wednesday, August 29

That Balance

Need to find that balance of doing what I need to do while making time for what I want to do again.

I was worried I would be a lost wanderer once my hours were over, but I have found more than enough to do and plenty of people who could use my help.

Biting off slightly more than I can chew with each day's challenge, but think that once I'm more well-rested, it'll be easier.

At the same time, I want to keep that enthusiasm up when I get home for all of the projects I tend to do. Right now, I'm namely talking about scrapbooking.

While I'm catching up on sleep slowly but surely, I haven't made nearly as much progress as hoped on the pages I wanted to have done. I just so badly want that big album done so I can attack smaller more manageable projects that I've had stirring in my brain. So many ideas that I want to capture- I just need to make the time for it!

We had a going away dinner for one of the brothers who will be off on his own in a different state for the first time! While we're not the closest, we do wish him all the best and hope that this is a major turning point in his life.

After a long day at work and volunteering, brought home more work to do for one classroom so that I'd be totally available to volunteer in a different one tomorrow. I better not do something dumb like burn myself out.

I'm not sure what kind of energy I've been running on for the past few days. Some odd mixture of nervousness and delirium?

Either way, I have to get back to it! Not too shabby for a first week. : )

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