Friday, August 10

Too Many Feelings

Today has went from a bad day to worse on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

I'll get over it but am very drained and tired now. Got a minor injury on the job, no biggie but it led to something that just really ground my gears. I forgot that "grinded" is not a word.

I tried to make it through the rest of the day with my sanity in tact, got a ride home from a friend, and we sat in her truck venting for an hour about unfairly we had been treated. Honestly, she's a treasure and I look up to her for her daily struggles that she doesn't feel as if she's allowed to complain about.

FMIL and I went to our monthly Ladies' Happy Hour as soon as we got home from school. It ended up being a pretty intimate gathering and the place didn't really have many specials to offer, but it was really nice to chat and catch up.

The moment I got back, there was a virtual ambush I fell into and it did me in. I was sobbing by the end of the endeavor. Been a while since I think I've had a good cry but I guess it was really needed. I have just been such a mess, so I just want to crawl into bed, curl up, and pass out.

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