Friday, August 31

The Holiday Season

As a crafter, especially after dipping my feet into direct sales for supplies, I realize how useful it is to prepare Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all the way in August.

Yeah, I used to think that it was completely insane too.

It still is to some extent, I can barely plan what I'm may have for my meals next week when we're grocery shopping. However, if you can bring yourself to do it- it has done wonders.

It's no secret that I'm a planner and list-maker my nature. Doing all of this (okay, not all but a heavy chunk) while there's a lull in holidays and events has freed up so much time and stress when the holiday season drops on you like a ton of bricks.

A combination of a few things have gotten me thinking about it again. I have been so good in not ordering and pretty much finishing assembling our Holiday cards this month. I also went a mini ladies' happy hour after school today and many of them were already pretty set on some big personal changes a year from now.

My folks have been asking if I'm coming to visit this Christmas. I know that they want me too, but I think I might want to take that time to catch up a lot of my own goals that will be put onto the back burner with my new job. I really do love visiting- for the most part (because it's still dealing with family) lol.

My delirium this week has really hit some level on the nerve that drives me to dive head first into researching something even if I'm already in the middle of a completely unrelated project. Usually, I can reign myself back in if I'm enjoying what I'm doing and have a bit of a deadline. That's been irrelevant for the past week and it's almost scary to see myself go a bit nuts trying to find the answers I want.

One of the things I saw in my blog reader feed sparked the research and reading I've been doing for the past few hours. I honestly didn't realize two hours had gone by. Sigh.

A little over a week ago, I briefly mentioned Becky Higgin's Project Life. While oogling over the new product lines she's coming out with, I happened upon rave reviews of Ali Edwards' work. Namely, the "December Daily" project. The basic idea is to record moments each day from Dec. 1st until Dec. 25th- of course, it's entirely up to the crafter how to adapt. Fascinating to see her work and thoughts for the past few years.

The season drives me insane but I still love it oh so much. I hope that this year will be full of more memories and new traditions created while continuing to streamline all of the processes that give me loads of stress. Cheers to that, right?

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