Saturday, August 4

Recovering From Stream

Went to bed well past sunrise. Oh yes.

Made sure to be one of the last to leave the virtual party once I was able to make it back in. I even made a guest "appearance" via Skype call and co-hosted the last bit of the stream. It was fun and I was glad that I could help. I was upset the whole time but having me chat with the viewers helped motivate me to be more upbeat.

I do admit I was increasingly bitter towards ignorant newcomers and party-crashers. They often put a damper on the celebration we were trying to have. Ended up pulling +300-600 viewers throughout the show. Grateful to the little community we've created in a month's time for banding together to remember the good times and answer the inane questions. They also want to protest the failure of the stream to the company, we'll see how that goes.

Was able to exchange some contact information, so I'm grateful for that too.

I am still in an irked mood at surrounding circumstances. Also, about what seems to be the general public with the ignorance, mean-spirit, and selfishness.

Also just got clawed by the kitten. Not a happy camper about that either. He misjudged a jump and tried really hard to use my calf to recover. Trying to babysit an under-stimulated and active kitten (or just plain ol' kitten) isn't the best of times.

Luckily, he's afraid of loud noises and not an idiot. It'll take a while, but he should learn the majority of things most of us are trying to teach him. We'll see about that too.

Mulling over my next project and cleaning up the remnants of my last one in the meantime.

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