Friday, August 24

The Signs

Last night, I was wondering aloud to the SO about all of the random occurrences that have happened in the past two weeks verbally and visually.

Had a feeling that it meant something more and was an answer to at least one of the pleas that I've been sending out into the universe. I think many of these answers come to me when I decide to throw my hands up and throw myself into reaching out to help others. What better way to help oneself?

Today, I may have been figuratively hit in the face with an answer. I got a phone call today offering a somewhat stable part-time job. It's very few hours, but it's everyday and my foot in the door, so I took it. I start Monday!

It will interfere with my substituting and I didn't process that right away, but having something regularly is also motivation for me to get out of bed each weekday. That's something that I've started to lose until I started helping out others online the past few weeks.

The idea of having even a small regular income is... astounding to me.

I'm still stunned and need to process it a bit more. It's only for two hours a day, but it's a start! I'll probably end up volunteering my time when I'm not working doing odd jobs around the school. Such a blessing.

Here are some pictures from sights we've seen over the past few days from the backyard.

 Cooper's Hawk.
Very brave. Zoomed in all the way with my camera from the door.
 Mixture of clouds around sunset.
 We loved the different textures.
It didn't amount to much until several hours later when we had a good soak storm.

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