Friday, August 3

Recipe For Disaster

I am definitely having a fit tonight.

Not sure if this post will go up on time because our internet service (even with the bill auto-paid in the past few days!) is out. Again.

I am really tired of this situation happening regularly. We've often disconnected and the bill is higher than ever. For now, it seems that this is the only company we can have in our area without digging up the yard.

Pretty PO'ed here.

Was supposed to be a part of a virtual going away party for a new friend and we were getting into the swing of things when I got disconnected completely. I can't even let my new friends know what has happened because were were organizing exchanging contact information when I disappeared.

I am going to be enraged if I miss this last chance completely. I called after two hours and they have no estimated time of reactivation. It could go on all night.

New kitten has been let out of his room for a few hours at a time now. It's wearisome to deal with a bundle of energy and teach them boundaries while trying to get stuff done. Such is life. Our cat has been braver and I am very proud of my big boy.

The only shred of good news I've had today was finishing up the heirloom recipe project that I've been going on about.

The cards are put away and labled in the metal box. I also finished assembling the title pages for each section and adding tabs.

I'm pretty darn pleased with how it turned out and moreso that it's finally done with!


I kept what fit properly in the same sections in her old recipe box.

FMIL had enough recipes that it made sense to create an extra binder for Desserts.

She has pads of 12x12 patterned paper that wasn't being used, so after I had her pick a few out, I chopped them into 8.5x11. I found clip art online to make fun but simple labels for each section and the covers.

Internet's back, Hallelujah!

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