Thursday, August 30

Bugged Out

It is probably a good thing to be exhausted at 7:30pm, just doesn't feel that way. Lol.

Watched the new kids interact with each other and nature outside today. It really enforced how much they are finding their insect science unit exhilarating. They were catching grasshoppers and a praying mantis to show the teacher and each other.

As much as it creeped me out when they hopped in our direction, I really admired their gall and accuracy. It wasn't the best day for many folks, but after a series of various events, I wanted to think of what else I could do to give back.

I settled on trying to make a bug hunt scrapbook of sorts for the kids to show off their finds. After quick shopping after school, I didn't find what I wanted so went with the quick and simple route. Got a binder, made a title page, found and typed up questionnaire about insects, and added pages for the kids to paste pictures or illustrate. I hope it's useful.

Not what I originally envisioned, but that's okay because it's done and ready to go tomorrow. Not only is it pay day, but the beginning of a long weekend! Woohoo!

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