Wednesday, August 22

Worth It?

This vlog has hit home on so many levels and I've been struggling with this issue more lately since I've had to start explaining my choices and current environment to others. Plus, we've been relating and comparing notes to as- has it really been worth it?

That means I haven't been able to push it as far into the back of my head as I normally do.

In this case, we're spring-boarding off of the issue of higher education but the discussions around me lately have started branching off into lifestyle choices in general. Such as with romantic love.

The past two weeks have really grounded my Significant Other (the SO) and I to remind us that we'd rather choose love over money. We like to think that we're reasonable people and that may seem to go against that but passion and love for one another surpasses our desire to be enveloped in say a ruthless corporate world.

That is not to say we wouldn't be willing to sacrifice and compromise over bigger issues in finances, but only that we're very grateful for what we have found in each other and together. I think that's a pretty good note to end the day on. : )

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