Sunday, August 5


We had a large and gusty storm pummel through this evening.

Power went in and out, our evap cooler sounded like it was going to explode, and plants were knocked over. At one point, we were a little fearful for the Palo Verde and Mesquite trees in the front yard losing large branches. Exciting, to say the least.
 Gusts went right through the yard.
 Sideways rain and yet we could see blue skies in the distance.
Once again, the garden becomes the city of Atlantis. :D

What was truly phenomenal was watching the live broadcast of the Mars Science Laboratory Project of the rover, Curiosity landing. I was tweeting (for once), updating FB statuses like mad, and then found stuff to reblog on Tumblr- first time for a live event. It was just that exciting. The household gathered around the computer to watch and I cannot wait to scrapbook that moment.

I found Curiosity's Twitter account and it was adorable and so exciting to watch! Here is a picture it tweeted of it's wheel on Mars!

I had tears in my eyes yet again and it just felt good. Just plain good. Sharing those feelings with others around the country - around the world. I haven't felt that way in a while with the crap in the world around us.

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